The cucumber is perhaps the most refreshing vegetable. It is impressive that approximately 95% of a cucumber is water; that is why consuming cucumbers offers a sense of hydration, accompanied by its discreet yet distinct aroma. Cucumbers are cylindrical and elongated in shape, dark green on the outside and light green or near white on the inside.It is a great ingredient for salads and sauces from the Mediterranean cuisine, such the Lebanese tabbouleh or the famous Greek tzatziki. It can be eaten either raw or pickled.

Originally from India, where it has been grown for over 3,000 years, the cucumber was most likely introduced to Europe by the Greeks or the Romans, who employed artificial growing methods, similar to greenhouses, throughout the year.

Cucumber plants are cultivated in the field during the summer months and in greenhouses during the rest of the year, due to the fruit’s sensitivity to low temperatures. The favorable Mediterranean climate in Europe is ideal for developing cucumber crops.

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The tomato is spherical or elongated in shape, and when it is fully matured it is an intense red color and very juicy.


Hot or sweet, raw or cooked, peppers add color, flavor and quality to the Mediterranean cuisine.


Although the origins of the eggplant are disputed, its cultivation spread quickly across Europe and other parts of the world.

Kaki Fruit

Eating kaki fruits is a sweet and tasty delight. The fruit is quite large and comes in various shapes, such as oval, spherical, conical, or elongated.