Land and History

Crete, Greece

In the eastern Mediterannean, the island of Crete is a famous tourist destination renowned for its picturesque beauty as well as for high-quality agricultural products. This is the “Garden of Greece”, that supplies the rest of the country with farm goods thanks to its blessed soils and warm climate year-round. Greenhouse farming of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants is the primary source of income for local residents, and their high-quality produce is exported to cities throughout Europe. Vegetable production is favored by the local climate, since this is the region with the most sunlight and highest temperatures in Greece, with an average of 20°C.

Valencia, Spain

On the other side of the Mediterranean, the region of Valencia is the third largest metropolitan region of Spain, famous for its history and historical monuments, with a vibrant economy based on industry, tourism and agriculture. At the heart of the country’s eastern coastline, Valencia is the “Garden of Spain”. Its climate favors highly diversified agriculture, from rice to olive trees. Nevertheless, the sub-tropical climate and low elevation coastal areas together with the fertile soil make the Valencia region ideal for growing fruit. The region is famous around the world for its citrus fruit production, as well as for its cherries, avocadoes, and kaki fruit.