In the Mediterranean, the southern edge of Europe, one of the fundamental values shared by the hospitable locals is the quality of the agricultural products they consume. In these lands, the traditions surrounding the locally grown agricultural products are combined with culture, history and beautiful landscapes, where the sun sets over scalloped coastlines and ragged mountain ridges. 

The lands around the Mediterranean are blessed with fertile soils and a mild climate, ideally suited for the cultivation of many and varied agricultural products in the most natural way and under optimal conditions. Fruit and vegetables are at the top of the list, making up the largest part of the famous Mediterranean diet. 

Thanks to the favorable climate, the local famers’ experience, and the long agricultural tradition, the Mediterranean region favors the production of fruit and vegetables of exceptional quality and incomparable flavor. 

The regions of Crete in Greece and Valencia in Spain are two of the most productive areas on the Mediterranean. The local farmers’ experience and the long tradition of cultivation, coupled with the excellent climate conditions of both regions, lead to the production of fruit and vegetables of unparalleled quality and taste, which are exported in accordance with the strictest safety standards to markets around the world.