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Study trip to Crete, Greece, April 2024

Highlights from the Freskon Exhibition 2024 in Thessaloniki, Greece

Press Event at the Med Hotel 2024, Thessaloniki Greece

Invitation to Press Event in Τhessaloniki Greece, 2024

Invitation to FRESKON Exhibition, Thessaloniki Greece, 2024

Study trip to Crete, Greece, March 2024

Press Event in Budapest for the promotion of European vegetables and the European Kaki Fruit

Highlights from the Sirha Budapest Exhibition 2024, in Budapest

Invitation to Press Event in Budapest, 2024

Invitation to the Sirha Budapest Exhibition, 2024

Business dinner 2024

Press Event in Berlin, Germany 2024

Highlights from the Fruit Logistica Exhibition 2024 in Berlin, Germany

Invitation to Press Event in Berlin 2024

Invitation to the Fruit Logistica Exhibition, Berlin 2024

In-store promotional activity in Greece

Educational trip to Valencia, Spain, November 2023

In-store promotional activity in Spain!

Highlights from the OMEK Exhibition in Budapest 2023

Invitation to the OMEK Exhibition at Budapest 2023

Highlights of the Fruit Attraction Exhibition in Madrid, 2023

Press Event, In Madrid 2023

Invitation to Press Event in Madrid 2023

Invitation to Fruit Attraction 2023

Study trip in Greece, April 2023

Press Event, Thessaloniki 2023

Highlights of Freskon Exhibition 2023

Freskon exhibition – Thessaloniki 2023

Press Event in Budapest, March 2023

Invitation, Press event Hotel Helia, Budapest, March 2023