The tomato is spherical or elongated in shape, and when it is fully matured it is an intense red color and very juicy. Individual tomatoes from large-fruited varieties can weigh up to 250-300 grams, and there are small-fruited hybrids (cherry tomatoes) that can be harvested on the vine (not individually) and weight between 50-100 grams.

The tomato’s history originated in America; it was brought to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors, and it was gradually incorporated into the Mediterranean cuisine. Today, it is grown all over the world; in Southern European countries, tomatoes are grown year-round in greenhouses, providing consumers with a vegetable of excellent quality with high nutritional value.

The tomato is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, and it is used in many combinations, both in cold and in hot recipes. In traditional Italian dishes, tomatoes are used in pasta sauces and, of course, on pizzas. In Greece, they are the main ingredient of the Horiatiki salad, while in Spain we find them in the traditional Gazpacho soup.  

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The cucumber is perhaps the most refreshing vegetable. It is impressive that approximately 95% of a cucumber is water.


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Although the origins of the eggplant are disputed, its cultivation spread quickly across Europe and other parts of the world.

Kaki Fruit

Eating kaki fruits is a sweet and tasty delight. The fruit is quite large and comes in various shapes, such as oval, spherical, conical, or elongated.