On Monday 24 April 2023, at the Zephyros Hall, at The Met Hotel, in Thessaloniki, a Press Event was successfully held in the framework of the programme “Information and promotion actions for fruit and vegetables in the EU internal market”, under the subtitle MEDITERRANEAN COMBO, with seven Producer Organisations from Greece and the Spanish Association of Kaki from Spain, which through the actions of the project promote and advertise European vegetables and European lotus in Greece, Spain, Hungary and Germany.

During the event, the public was informed about the safety, quality and nutritional value of fresh vegetables and lotus produced in Europe, as well as about the strict European protocols applied by producers for food quality and safety.

The panel of the event was attended by the representatives of the beneficiaries of the programme, Mr. Douloumis Xenophon, representative of the Agricultural Cooperative of Horticultural Producers of the Municipality of Ierapetra “Anatoli”, Mr. Chalkias Georgios, President of the Agricultural Cooperative of Horticultural Producers of Kountoura and Mr. Lluis Perez, representative of the Spanish Association of Kaki. On the side of NOVACERT, which in collaboration with the Italian BLANCDENOIR have the role of executive organisation, the Director of the Promotion and Promotion Department, Mrs. Maria Nalbanti, participated.

The keynote speaker of the event was Mr. Mamalis Spyridon, Professor of the Department of Management Science & Technology, International Hellenic University, who stressed the value of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet.

After the end of the presentation, the attending journalists had the opportunity to ask the speakers questions about the actions and objectives of the programme, as well as about the technical characteristics of the marketing and distribution of the products being promoted.

The event was attended by a large number of people from the organised retail sector, wholesalers, distributors, press representatives from the Greek media networks, journalists from gastronomy and health and wellness magazines, nutritionists and other nutrition professionals.

The Press Event was followed by a dinner at the hotel’s Avenue Restaurant with a variety of dishes, the main ingredients of which were the fruits and vegetables promoted in the programme.